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Youth and Adult Virtual Classes
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About Us

About Us

We are a community of fitness professionals who embrace a growth mindset to ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT & INSPIRE one another to overcome obstacles.


To create the ultimate virtual fitness experience from the safe space of our members home to challenge themselves to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.


We strive to offer the best virtual training experience bringing the professional gym experience to their home.


We offer a Five STAR virtual training experience that is backed by science and technology:

S  – Support our virtual community by inspiring & encouraging each other

T  –  Trust the Growth Mindset and our ability to learn and grow

A – Appreciate our virtual community of athletes, coaches, parents, and others who support our passion

R – Respect our inclusive and diverse virtual community where everyone is welcome

What We Do:

Five Star Fitness Pros is a virtual fitness training solution to help our clients meet their fitness goals by using the Five Star Mindset and Strength System. Rather you are maintaining your help or an athlete training for a sport, we’re here to help condition you to the best of your ability.

Our programs are for people who want to make a lifestyle and habit change. We offer a program that guarantee results or your money back.

We have specific training virtual classes, small group and personal training. Our virtual bootcamp consists with a team of professional who will help with mindset training to prepare you for the fitness journey you are about to embark. Our team of professional will guide you through the process. We will guide you through the process, you do the work and reap the rewards.

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