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Youth and Adult Virtual Classes
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Mindset & Strength System

Virtual Ultimate Transformation Program

Mindset + Strength System is proven fitness program created to change lives for the
better. Our mind is constantly distracted by the outside world. The mindset training
was created to help you believe in yourself and focus on the health journey. Your
mental health must be aligned with your physical health to get the results that you want.

Our body is a complex system that needs a variety of workouts. We have a scientific
and systematic approach to help change your habits and improve your lifestyle. We
will guide you along the way and be your champion. All you have to do is click the
button and put in the effort. The only thing you have to LOSE….are the pounds.



Setting a goal and a focus to help you achieve your results. As part of training you will learn that effort is the first step. You will learn to embrace the challenges, failures, receptive to feedback and be inspired by your peers to help you through the challenges.



Do you like burpees? Learn to love burpees and other plyometrics workouts that will help your endurance training. Cardio improves your heart health and the efficiency of your circulatory system. It creates endurance, heightens a caloric burn and strengthens bone density.



When you’re able to control your mind and body movement, you’re able to achieve anything. We all need strength to help us do daily functions. Lifting weights strengthens and allows our body to move more functionally. Gaining lean muscle mass will help you burn more calories.


Tracking/Measuring and Virtual Group

Use Myzone MZ1 or MZ3 heart rate monitor while training to help track your hard work. Understanding your heart rate will help you work smarter.  You’ll also make friends that will cheer you on along the way.



Customize a nutrition consultation that works best for you. A major part of fitness is nourishing your body right with the proper elements and foods. Creating a plan that is right for you will help you achieve those results at an efficient rate. Your health is essential.


Recovery Planning

Part of your training is recovery by calming the muscles that you worked during the week. It is so important for injury prevention and to simply keep your mind and body balanced.  Your mind and body need a break, take it easy or just rest. Re-gain that energy you need.

Eight Week Program

  • Includes group mindset coaching and goal setting
  • Group Nutrition Coaching
  • Workout Plan Program to Meet Your Goals
  • Accountability

12 Week Program

  • Everything in the eight week program
  • Weekly 15 minutes of one-on-one coaching
  • Include Myzone Heart Rate Monitor MZ1
  • Add $49 for MZ3

Guaranteed Results – Money Back Guarantee before 30 days